Investment management and advisory

Given the unprecedented economic uncertainty and market volatility, preserving capital, rather than focusing on generating further significant investment gains, should be the number one priority for every private client.

As an independent Swiss asset manager, T3 Risk Management helps clients successfully navigate the highly complex investment landscape and prevent permanent impairment of their wealth in the event of major market dislocations.

We have an in-depth understanding of all key asset classes and have experienced first-hand every crisis since 1998. Our investment advice is always conservative and we strive to generate low risk, sustainable returns in excess of inflation.

Investment management and advisory

Our services

Discretionary asset management

T3 Risk Management accepts full discretionary asset management mandates from clients wishing to entrust the care of their wealth to seasoned investment professionals. Each client receives a very high degree of personal attention and, as a result, we accept only a limited number of such mandates. The portfolios we create typically have the following components / characteristics:

  • Developed and emerging markets fixed income
  • Developed and emerging markets equities
  • Currencies & commodities
  • Physical precious metals
  • No investment in hedge funds or structured products
  • Extensive use of hedging strategies including, uniquely, the ability to take short positions in fixed income or purchase credit derivatives for insurance purposes


Risk management

  • Evaluation of the risk profile of your current financial institution
  • Analysis of existing investment portfolios
  • Recommendations on how to improve liquidity and reduce counterparty risks
  • Identification and elimination of excessive banking fees and commissions
  • Implementation of effective hedging programmes
  • Physical commodity trading and storage consulting


Investment advisory

  • Assistance with implementation of the most suitable tactical and strategic asset allocation
  • Regular provision of investment ideas across all major asset classes
  • Trade suggestions based on client’s risk tolerances and geographical comfort zone
  • Ideal for clients who prefer to actively manage their own portfolios



  • Assistance with opening of bank accounts in leading financial centres around the world
  • Budget, cash flow, and forensic accounting services


  • Full transparency and accountability
  • Our compensation is firmly linked to investment performance
  • Minimum risk
  • Maximum liquidity
  • No leverage
  • Steady average annual returns in excess of inflation

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