While everyone is concerned about IT security, we find that very few private clients have actually taken proactive steps to secure their data. Failure to adequately protect sensitive personal information can lead to substantial reputational and financial damages.

T3 Risk Management offers a full range of technology solutions, specifically developed to protect your most important data from cyber criminals and other intruders. Each of our clients is different, and each receives bespoke advice based on their location and their particular needs and concerns.

IT security

Our services

  • In-depth risk evaluations
  • Design and implementation of highly secure IT systems
  • State-of-the-art encryption solutions for voice and data
  • Data storage advisory and private cloud creation
  • Penetration tests and audits
  • Data loss prevention and remediation
  • Evidence and data collection
  • Malware analysis
  • Training and advice

T3 PrivateAccess

T3 PrivateAccess is a comprehensive data protection and online reputation management platform, designed specifically for high-net-worth private clients, family offices, and anyone who values their privacy.

We invested heavily in making sure that your information is protected to the highest possible standard and had our infrastructure independently audited by a specialist penetration testing company.

For additional information, please visit the dedicated site of T3 PrivateAccess.

IT security

PrivateAccess Features

  • Create documents directly in the cloud on our Swiss servers
  • Share files securely
  • Send & receive encrypted e-mail
  • Easily manage all your passwords
  • Browse the internet in complete privacy
  • Make encrypted voice calls
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Daily backup
  • Fully-managed service


  • Helping clients regain control over their data
  • Relentless commitment to continued education

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