Personal security and disaster preparedness

Disaster preparedness and security planning are critical components of any effective wealth preservation  programme. The dangers posed by, amongst other things, natural disasters, growing crime rates and civil unrest are very real, and failure to prepare for any eventuality can be extremely costly. 

As part of its personal security and disaster risk management service offering, T3 consults on preparation and implementation of highly customized contingency plans, designed to protect our clients’ tangible assets and ensure safety of their families in the event of natural or man-made emergency situations.

Personal security and disaster preparedness

Our services

  • In-depth risk assessments and detailed action plans for all types of emergencies
  • Priority access to world-class physicians and specialists in the UK and Switzerland
  • Arranging for external storage of documents and valuables
  • Assistance with selecting the most suitable insurance coverage for fine art and collectibles
  • Arranging evacuation from anywhere in the world
  • 24 hrs emergency hotline
  • Personalized survival and first-aid courses
Personal security and disaster preparedness

Our products

At T3 Risk Management, we constantly search the world to find the latest and most innovative security equipment.  Our current product range includes a wide range of security-related hardware and solutions from established global manufacturers:

  • Personal service robotics
  • Satellite communication systems from Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and GlobalStar
  • Sophisticated tracking solutions covering both movable assets and family members / employees
  • Backup power generators utilizing renewable energy technologies
  • Video surveillance and monitoring equipment
  • Custom-made first-aid kits
  • Safes, vaults and access control solutions


A small selection of the types of privacy and security solutions we can supply to clients can be seen on our partner site -

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  • Security is a state of mind
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  • We are paid to expect the unexpected

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