01.09.2015 / MEDIA: T3 PrivateAccess, total cyber protection for the world's most discerning clients

MEDIA: T3 PrivateAccess, total cyber protection for the world's most discerning clients

Geneva - September 1, 2015 - T3 Risk Management SA, the Swiss wealth preservation and security solutions provider, has launched a new state-of-the-art data protection and online reputation management service to defend its clients from the rapidly growing threat of cyber crime.

T3 PrivateAccess utilizes cutting-edge IT infrastructure to deliver enterprise-grade levels of cyber protection. The service was developed specifically for a security-conscious clientele of high profile individuals, wealthy families and their advisors. One of its cornerstones is concierge-style technical support from a Swiss team of IT security specialists.

“T3 PrivateAccess acts like a Swiss private bank for the financial and personal data of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, entrepreneurs, celebrities and professionals advising private clients” said Igor Kryuchkov, managing director of T3 Risk Management. "Our clients are accustomed to first class service in every area of their lives, and we strive to provide a comprehensive cyber protection service that meets their highest expectations.”

T3 PrivateAccess offers the following features:

Kryuchkov continued, “We designed and built T3 PrivateAccess from scratch, using the most secure software and hardware available. To give our systems a rigorous challenge prior to launch, we commissioned a leading Swiss ethical hacking firm to conduct a penetration test against our infrastructure, and its expert team failed to breach our defences. This independent test is a clear illustration of our commitment to safeguard client data.”

T3 PrivateAccess hosts all client data on servers housed in ultra-secure data centres in Geneva. No data is ever stored outside of Switzerland, home to some of the strictest data protection laws in the world.

In a further measure to protect its clients, T3 PrivateAccess provides a reputation management service. Its specialist staff will routinely monitor the internet in six languages, including Russian and Arabic, for negative references to clients. Should such references be detected, T3 can work jointly with strategic communications agencies worldwide to formulate an appropriate response.



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